Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My first..

It's my first attempt to write my mind in words."There are many things which cannot be answered and asked in one's life",this suits me well....Do anyone know the value of 8 in ur life?But i feel the value of my life is being one among my 8...but circumstances around me made me not to express my feelings towards my 7(8-1).... I always acted in my life by others interruptions...but whats in me is brought by my k's..U all wonder wat's 'k' now?"8 is jk='k'",countable alphabetical,binary explanation....
8 souls of my K's...
(My kcaj(jack) likes to write like this)...
Our bond sealed at opposite to a creative place(photocopying is allowed here)..
Its been

since v r bonded..
I did many things in my life which hurted k's...but never they left me...
lifelong bond in my life forever....
The world might get shrink, but world of my friends won shrink ever....

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